Welcome to la Pura Vida!

I recently took part in an event, and was given the option of spray-painting my name or a caption on my event t-shirt. After agonizing for quite a while I decided to have Pura Vida, which literally means “Pure Life”,  spray- painted on mine.

2014-03-04 08.31.00-1


Reason? Pura Vida is a Tico (Puerto Rican) saying that best expresses the costarricense (Costa Rican) worldview. In essence, Take it easy/ It ain’t that serious/Just chillax/ Enjoy life/ Keep calm and carry on. If you’re from Jamaica then by now you might have realized that Pura Vida is just Spanish for No Problem, our response to some of the most challenging situations that face us daily. While the reality may rage against such a euphemistic outlook, it is a refreshing take on this crazy rollercoaster of a life.

Certainly every country has its own phrase that encapsulates what it considers to be the ideal life. For in spite of the land masses and seas that divide us, most of us aspire (consciously or unconsciously) to live the best life possible. I will be honest, I’m not currently experiencing pure life, but it’s what I strive for- emotionally, professionally, spiritually and socially.

I will be inviting you on a journey. But if I’m bold enough to do that I might as well introduce myself. So who is Chicajamaicana?

1.  as my name implies, I am Jamaican

2.  a mom to the sweetest little terrorist in the world

3.  a Spanish teacher

4.  a fanatic of all things Hispanic

5.  an aspiring translator (Spanish to English)

6. an avid reader

7.  a poet (who has become far too busy to write even one stanza in years)

8. someone who hopes to start grabbing life by the horns- because  YOLO, right?

9.  someone who is ready to explore all of the excitement AND tranquillity that Nassau, New Providence (and the other 699 islands and cays of the Bahamas) have to offer.

This blog will give me a huge kick in my nalgas to get out there and explore the restaurants, beaches, blue holes, museums, forts and theatres- in essence the day and nightlife of the Bahamas. The big picture? To extend my travels, be they real or vicarious, beyond the confines of Jamaica and the Bahamas, especially to the diverse and culturally rich Spanish-speaking countries across the globe. I invite you all to come along with me as I share with you nuggets from all of these countries. And when I do make a booking, I will chronicle my experiences so that you too may get a taste of what it’s like to live this truly pura vida.

¡Ven conmigo! Come with me.

What about you? Did you at some point have an epiphany and decide to start living life to the fullest? Or is that what you have always done? What are some of the things be they simple or exciting that you do to ensure that you enjoy life? Share your comments in the box below. Gracias.

2014-03-04 08.21.39-1-1 Check out my Bob Marley poster in the background 🙂


9 responses to “Welcome to la Pura Vida!

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  2. I’m so happy that I’ve taken the time to view this blog. You are doing a wonderful work, the time invested, the many words of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement inspires one like me to continue to explore and share.
    Do be encouraged and continue to share this wonderful love for reading and exploring the world through literature.


  3. At this actual time for me ” Living life to the fullest ” it’s a nice phrase . To actually act on it, we’ll it’s difficult with the circumstances in life. As for me living life to the fullest would be doing what I personally like, enjoy, and fulfills my desires. Unfortunately I am not able to do that because of the normal responsibilities such as work, kids, home, and husband. Finances also have a major part in living life to the fullest. I don’t want to be negative; yet the surroundings of my life don’t let me reach that fulfillment as of yet. No regrets on doing that because of normal responsibilities. Nevertheless the hope, belive, and faith still stand on one day living life to the fullest. The day will come when it would be all about me.


    • I think you and I are in the same phase of feeling a litte bit “stuck” Helen. But it can be done. Start with the little things- a walk on the beach, a new restaurant, trying a new recipe- anything but the normal…


  4. Vaya chica! Una de las cosas que me gusta acerca de ti es que siempre sigues adelante a pesar de todo! Tu pagina es interesante tambien. Felicidades!


  5. Congratulations to you for creating a blog that is interesting, informative, visually appealing and culturally enriching. Readers will get a taste of all things Jamaican and Hispanic. Continue to pursue your hopes, dreams and aspirations – Recuerda, el mundo es tu ostra – ¡Tú puedes hacerlo!

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