Look-out spots in Eastern Nassau

I’ve always been fascinated by the beach. A cliché, maybe. But I cannot help getting lost in the different shades of blue, the warm sea- breeze on my face and the eternal nature of the waves that never cease their patrol of the shore. Going to the beach is one of my favourite pastimes, and even now, whenever I go back home to Jamaica two or three times for the year I try to fit it onto my list of to-do’s. Being converted into a resident of the Sunshine City (Portmore) means I have easy access to two or three beaches. And while those lucky enough to live in places like Negril and Montego Bay might scoff at the idea of Hellshire as a choice beach, I ignore and smile quietly to myself. I enjoy the simple pleasure of the salty breeze, warm water, the smell of fried fish, the pure vibes of the reggae beat in the background, intermingled with the laughter of splashing kids yet too young to realize how lucky they are to be enjoying this wonder… Who can dare tell me this isn’t heaven!



So how do I recreate this scene now that most of my days are spent in Nassau? Easy, since I live even closer to the beach than I did when I was back in Jamaica. I love Cable Beach and Arawak Cay, but some days I don’t feel up to the long drive. My alternative? I have my special go-to spots along the Eastern Road and Yamacraw where I can go to chill for even 15 minutes and simply  do me.




2014-03-02 14.17.07-1


This morning, I decided to swing by Yamacraw Beach for a few stolen moments alone. As I drew closer, I felt distractions, stress and the general demands of life melt away. There was only one other car parked alongside mine under the trees today, maybe because it was overcast- not the best weather to enjoy the beach. There was less blue- a different, more still kind of beauty, but to me,  it was gorgeous nevertheless.

2014-03-30 13.23.28 YAMACRAW BEACH TODAY (March 30, 2014)



2014-03-02 14.12.56

Almost everytime I go to my spot I see a tourist or two come along in a car or on a moped. I presume it’s to get away from the more congested, turisty sites Downtown. You should do the same! The next time you are in Nassau ask your host/ friend/ tour guide/ whatever, to stop by one of the breath-taking look- out spots along the Eastern Road or along Yamacraw Beach. I can’t promise you much from the spot itself- some gravel, a few pine trees which come in quite handy for shade and some benches where you can relax. But what I can promise is a view of the most captivating azure-blue waters, as sea and sky meet and blend into a tapestry of exquisite beauty. If even for a moment, you will feel close to the heavens as you take in nature in its simple yet most perfect form.




2014-03-04 09.40.37-1
A MINI VIEW OF THE SEA FROM WORK. It’s blocked by buildings and other distractions but it’s still enough to make me feel lucky 🙂


2 responses to “Look-out spots in Eastern Nassau

  1. The marvelous creation of the Lord leaves many memorized. I haven’t been to the Bahamas; yet I don’t lose hope that one day I will reach that beautiful island which waters sparkles those beautiful shades of blue.
    I’m sure you will be a wonderful guide.


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