Represent, represent… ¡Mi música!

What’s that one song in the “Latin” music genre that sets your blood on fire? You know what I’m talking about… that song that makes you break out those pretend salsa moves, while the self projected image of yourself- the one who is a Dancing With the Stars contestant- moves across the stage . OK, maybe that’s just me. But then again I’d like to think that I’m not the only one that fits that description…

Apart from the enjoyment factor though, music also has educational value for me. Most- or maybe all of the songs that I listen to- have served the purpose of helping me to master Spanish. After singing these songs a few hundred times you would pick up a word or two in Spanish as well, believe me!

Below I will share a few of the songs that I find irresistible. They help me to get my head in the zone (think Sean Paul), and  I can’t help singing along and busting a move or two when I hear them. Enjoy!



This song mixes sweet Afro- Latino beats with Caribbean rhythms- it tells the story of a a young man asking for his lady’s hand in marriage.


Monchy and Alexandra seek to discredit their detractors’ assumptions by asserting that their love is genuine. This is not the original video but I’m in love with this couples’ bachata moves!

This song is about a young man who learns that his childhood sweetheart is about to get married. According to him, his idol Romeo fought for love and he intends to do the same. Love this group! They blend the old and new styles of Bachata so effortlessly.


A song about a man who likes EVERYTHING about his special someone. I discovered vallenato in Colombia and have been in love since day 1.

Genre: SALSA

When the realities of being incarcerated get to these prisoners they seek an escape by reminiscing about the good times they used to have with their friends. I swear I hear a hint of the ‘Dutchie Pot” rhythm (timeless!) somewhere in there.


Luis Enrique has no idea what tomorrow will bring, so he encourages his sweetheart to forget about tomorrow and only focus on tonight.


This list is nowhere close to being exhaustive! I could go on for forever and not come to the end of my list of favourite songs, but time (and sleep) have formed an alliance against me, so I will give up for now.  I hope they got you dancing or at least tapping your feet, even though some of them may not be the more well-known songs from the “Latin” genre. Share some of your own faves in the box below, and don’t forget to hit the “Like” button. ¡Gracias!



2 responses to “Represent, represent… ¡Mi música!

  1. Songs, lyrics, and instrument are always an impact in your life. I love to hear songs from Camilo Sesto, Juan Gabriel, Rocio Durcal, Jah Cure, reggae artist ” well the ones my husband has dedicated to me”, merengue, gospel ” my favorite to lift up my spirit and give me that inner peace” and many more.
    Music is a medicine and therapy for your body, mind, & soul.


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