Dream Destinations

I have been to a total of six countries so far: Jamaica (birthplace), The Bahamas, Cuba, Colombia, Guyana and the United States. I have had good times in all of them- from hiking to the top of the Kaieteur waterfalls and sleeping in the jungles of Guyana, to attempting the folk dances at a dance workshop and dancing the  night away at an all night Salsa Circuit in Colombia. Of course, each place holds a special place in my heart.


GUYANA (Planting trees to reduce flooding)

KAIETEUR- world’s highest single drop waterfall)






It’s good to experience the day to day life of a country,

but it doesn’t hurt to do the touristy things as well…

But the place I long to return to most is Colombia. Ignoring the stereotypes associated with this breath-taking country, I have come to embrace the idea that el único riesgo es querer quedarse– the only risk is wanting to stay. During my two-month immersion program, I visited only one of the six regions of Colombia- The Caribbean Region. It seemed so easy to fit in, since the music, food and dance moves are somewhat similar to what I am already familiar with. And although I think it would be difficult to top my experiences in the Caribbean Region, I would still like to experience the Andean , Pacific , Orinoquía , Amazon,  and Insular regions.


EN COLOMBIA (moments before dance class)


GRADUATION DAY (none of my graduations have ever been this much fun!)



But there are also some countries that I have never visited before, with my experience limited to what I have read about and seen on TV/ the internet, or heard from other people who have travelled to these places. Oh to sit at a roadside café in Paris, cruise the Grand Canal on a gondola boat in Italy, dance the Flamenco in Spain, walk barefooted on the beaches of Hawaii at sunset, or zip-line through El Yunque Rainforest in Costa Rica! Is it possible in this lifetime? Definitely! But such elaborate dreams begin with a plan. Or maybe, such elaborate plans begin with a dream…

The first step for me? Simply making a list of the top 10 countries that I would like to visit, in no particular order. I am hoping that by planting the seed of this dream, I will be able to savour the fruits in the very near future. Here goes…

1. Costa Rica

2. Spain

3. Panama

4. Hawaii

5. France

6. Greece


8. Mexico

9. The United Kingdom

10. Ecuador

Do you share any of my dream destinations?  After you have perused my list, share in the comment box which countries you have, or would like to visit, and why. Gracias.


11 responses to “Dream Destinations

  1. Hi Syrece, I love your blog, keep it up. I would love to travel Europe for the architecture and the museums and the Polynesian islands for their lovely beaches and their culture. I have unlike I have only visited the US and Antigua. Got an invite to Barbados but feared getting in to trouble lol!


  2. It´s so nice to know that people can see Colombia beyond sterotypes! The list thing is a great idea, maybe i should also do it, id love to travel as much as you have! Live becomes so meanfull.


    • Me gustaría que todo el mundo tuviera la oportunidad de visitar Colombia, Wendy. Por eso sigo diciendole al resto del mundo de mi visita… Bueno, ya necesitas empezar tu lista de paises…


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