Reading? Who has time for that?

As a teenager, I lived for reading- Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Harlequin Romance, Mills & Boon, Sweet Valley High- I must have read thousands of titles! I actually spent hours in my high school library (back when kids knew what a library card was!) Saturday mornings were reserved for going to Tom Redcam Library in Cross Roads, and it was actually a cool thing to get dressed up and go to the library, choose a couple of books, meet up with friends (and crushes!), then hang out for the rest of the afternoon. Well enter adulthood, and the carefree days of just reading for leisure went right out the window! Right now, I still have quite a few books that have remained unread, but thanks to technology, I am rediscovering my love for reading. There are so many apps (my favourite being Kindle), which allow you to indulge in a reading feast no matter where you are.

Any lover of good books knows that it is cumbersome to tote too many of them  around, but having a tablet or a smart phone, puts so many books right at your fingertips. I have even gotten into the habit of reading multiple titles at once. I have put the days of teenage novels behind me, and have developed a taste for more multidimensional writers such as John Gresham, Nicholas Sparks and Stephen King. But most of all, I find it interesting to read about the journeys of now successful people such as Iyanla Vanzant (one of my favorites) and Dr. Phil, whose books have satisfied my travel needs on my journey to self discovery Below I share some of the motivational books that have impacted me most, with a small sample of what each book contains. Please share some of your favourites, and I will be sure to add the to my list of future reads.

Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World

life code In his usual candid manner, Dr Phil truly exposes the world for what it is, not what we would like it to be. For me, this has been one of the most eye opening books in terms of understanding what motivates and drives people to behave how they do. He also outlines some extremely practical strategies on how to manoeuvre the world and attain the best out of life.

The Greatest Salesman in the World

greatest salesman Og Mandino uses the metaphor of a poor salesman, Hafid, who eventually becomes successful. Hafid is given 10 scrolls, each containing a wonderful piece of advice on how to become a great salesman, but the advise is really for everyone, regardless of profession. On the advice of my supervisor, I opted for listening to the e- copy, and the experience was truly amazing. The tone of the book is so intense yet positive, and stylistically, it is one of the most interesting books that I have experienced.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

emotional intelligence 2.0 This book by Travis Bradberry is an easy read. It comes with a unique secret code that allows you to complete an online test to determine your level of emotional intelligence, and multiple true life scenarios are presented with startegies on how to connect more with those around you.

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

eat pray love This title was recommended by a friend. It’s one of those life changing books that makes you want to follow in the author’s- Elizabeth Gilbert- footsteps as she travels from Italy to India, and then to Indonesia. In these countries she immerses herself totally in a chosen passion- Italy (Eat),  India (Pray), and the big climax, Indonesia (Love), while exploring the culture of each place.

Yesterday I cried

yesterday   This title was recommended to me after a heart-crushing breakup. Since then I have read it about 3 more times (no, those occasions weren’t related to affairs of the heart :)). Iyanla Vanzant recounts the cycle of toxic situations that she created or experienced over many years  which led her on a path of sadness. She also shares the life lessons that enabled her to break the cycle and attain success, peace and true love.

Faith in the Valley: Lessons for Women on the Journey to Peace

faith This book is  my daily companion, and I use it during meditation and devotion. In it, Iyanla dispenses bite size pieces of advice specifically for women “on the journey to peace”.

I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing

caged bird After hearing about this book for so many years, I finally decided to give it a read. Maya Angelou recounts her life of hardship and abuse, which started when she was a child, then shares how she finally soared above it all to become the successful poet and motivatioinal speaker that we all came to know and respect.

So there you have it folks! Which books, motivational or otherwise, do you consider to be a must read? Please share your titles in the comment section  below. Gracias


9 responses to “Reading? Who has time for that?

  1. Enjoyable and thought-provoking. It made me reminisce about my days of reading The Hardy Boys. Two of my male siblings were avid readers of the series. It was inevitable that I would follow suit. I have a great love for Caribbean literature; V.S. Naipual’s “A House for Mr. Biswas” is my all time favourite novel. The works of Charles Dickens and H.W Hawthorne ( The Scarlett Letter) are among some of the books I have also enjoyed reading. Alice Walker and Toni Morrison are some of my favourite contemporary writers. Steven King is a truly a gifted writer who knows how to get his readers shivering with fear, but curious enough to brave his harrowing tales to the end! I like reading the works of the “lesser known” writers. Pearl Buck is one of them. Her novel “The Good Earth” explores human nature at its worst. My mother wept when she read the book. That was how riveting it was. Reading empowers us and makes us understand our world and life in unimaginable ways. Thanks for introducing me to Dr. Phil’s “The Code”. It has made a great impact on my life. Congrats on your bold venture; and as always, “Keeping blogging!”. Rusa


    • I am a fan of Caribbean Literature like you too sanrusa50! In fact, I have also read A House for Mr Biswas. I love V.S. Naipaul’s style of writing- Miguel Street is definitely a classic. I am a fan of African Literature too. Particularly Chinua Achebe…


    • Our childhood days share that urgency to go to the library. Fun times. Our children snicker at such things now girl. Great times I say. Thanks for sharing.


    • Indeed. I concur that one cannot have enough of “Life Code”. The copious, inspirational book is truly meant to provide the nuggets and practical principles for successful living. You know, successful living entails so much more than pursuing a career and engaged in your vocation. Simple principles of eliminating distractions, letting go off the baggage that so frequently crush and trample us are all a part of leading successful lives. This very text can help us in charting that course in our lives. I also invite you to read inspirational books, if you will, by John C. Maxwell. Happy reading!


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