Jamaican Sat’day Soup/ Rice n Peas, Anyone?

Pull up to a Jamaican’s house on a Saturday and the unmistakable smell of the traditional Sat’day soup will caress your senses and invite you in.

2015-08-16 17.03.13-1

Doesn’t that look good? My mom taught me well!

Last week Sunday (of all days), for whatever reason, I felt the urge to run a boat (cook a meal) consisting of something straight from yaad (Jamaica). Truth be told, most meals that I prepare are easy dishes with rice being the foundation, so I have no idea where this sudden burst of inspiration came from.

But I didn’t stop to question it. I went on an impromptu shopping trip and got escallion, thyme, pimento, carrots, pumpkin, corn, chicken and a packet of Grace chicken noodle soup. Yellow yam, one of the star ingredients in this recipe can be somewhat difficult to come by in the Bahamas- a reality which forced me to do without it on this occasion, using irish potatoes as a substitute instead. The one thing that I wouldn’t dare exclude though are dumplings! There is hardly a Jamaican who would would dare serve up soup without dumplings! So I grabbed a 2 pound pack of flour, went home and get busy.

2015-08-22 10.49.07-1

What’s left over from last week’s culinary adventure 🙂

 The long and short of it is that in a couple of hours I was enjoying the warm, well seasoned, peppery brew trickling down  throat and travelling to my tummy. Believe me, I can’t boast of having even a third of my mom’s culinary talent but I can tell you one thing- that soup was beyond delicious! Mmmmm.

With the taste of last week’s success on my mind, I decided to make our very own Jamaican rice n peas this week. Now if you know anything about yaad you know that soup is to Saturday as rice n peas is to Sunday. Rice n peas and chicken/ fish/ pork/ oxtail/ beef… (the list goes on) is definitely a Sunday ritual right across Jamaica. Does that mean I have to stick to the rules? No man!

Although yesterday was Saturday I decided to break them (again!) Armed with my left over seasonings from last week I went about preparing another dish that my mom’s fave- rice n peas with (crispy, golden brown) French fried chicken. She must have been guiding my hand because again the result was perfect! With my cousin’s homemade gravy drizzled on top and a lettuce and apple salad on the side, I could only conclude that I was in heaven.

Two weeks in a row- I wonder what I will be in the mood for next week? Any suggestions? Hmmm…Let me know and I just might give it a try and share the results with you…

 2015-08-22 10.56.46-1-120150822_161549[1]

Love mi jerk seasoning 🙂


12 responses to “Jamaican Sat’day Soup/ Rice n Peas, Anyone?

  1. A well written article, not to mention an eye-catching and mouth-watering array of dishes! Immediately, I found myself reminiscing of home. Your mom would be proud to know that her cooking lessons were not in vain. At first, I too found it difficult to break away from tradition: soups on Saturdays and rice and peas and chicken on Sundays. I no longer think tradition, but rather what is healthy, quick and easier to prepare.


  2. Your meals look so delicious and pleasing to the eye and palate chica. Your mom has taught you well. I love soup so I break tradition many times cooking soup on Sunday or cooking what I feel for. I’m on vacation at my mom’s and although she has been living in the States for several years she cooks Jamaican very often. Monday I got curry chicken foot with Grace Butter Beans and yesterday curry mutton. The curry chicken foot was the sweetest thing ever I haven’t eaten that for years.


  3. Looks quite tasty but of course I wasn’t invited to come for any so I wouldn’t know. You have me thinking though Chica Jamaicana, why haven’t I kept this tradition alive in my household by boiling a huge pot of soup on Saturdays? I vividly recall soup in it’s variety beef, cow skin, tripe and the infamous chicken foot. Finger licking good. You have defintely ignited something in me. Thanks. I might even do some today for our Sunday dinner. What you think?


  4. Wow… I see that you are taking over in the kitchen girley. Your mom is definitely with you, reminding you daily of your Jamaican culture. I like what you are doing. I bet the food was tasty. I think that I might cook something Jamaican today. Way to go Chica.


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