Paradise Island Bridge, Bahamas

Since today is a public holiday in the Bahamas (Labor Day), I decided to take my workout to the Paradise Island (PI) Bridge. There are actually two bridges connecting PI to the mainland, New Providence (Nassau), and provide another great way to stay in shape if you’re in the Bahamas.


Perks include the beautiful view, especially when you get to the  very top. On your walk/ jog you will see the Atlantis hotel, tourists coming and going by boat or ship and the Atlantic Ocean. Don’t forget to check out the antics of the locals below the bridge  as  they get up to all kinds of interesting things. On this walk I saw two men get into an entertaining play-fight to the cheers of onlookers, men preparing conch salad (one of the most popular Bahamian dishes), and a duo playing traditional music.

The bridge is quite steep so you’re in for a great workout. It will take you about 10 minutes to go from one end to the other (depending on how fast you walk/ jog), so you might need to do several reps to make this workout worth your while. If you’re scared of heights, DO NOT LOOK DOWN :), especially when you’re at the very top. Park on the mainland and walk over to PI, or pay a $2 toll to cross (only on your way in), and another $12 for parking once you get there.

See the gallery on the left of this page for more photos, and don’t forget to share your PI workout experience with me after you’ve tried it.



2 responses to “Paradise Island Bridge, Bahamas

  1. Great that you’re working out Chica, where is your sweet little terrorist while you were getting fit. My work out is walking. I do it three days per week after work, when the sun is setting or has set. I think that’s enough for me. I used to do yoga which I love dearly. But the group I used to do it with is no more.
    Exercise is relaxing and healthy continue on your journey of Pura Vida!

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    • Thanks as usual Kay-Ann! He was on a day trip for graduates at Atlantis resort. I was already dressed in gear and ready to begin as soon as I dropped him off. Too bad you don’t get to do yoga anymore. I would do love to try it too!


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