Tornado in the Bahamas!

A little over two weeks ago pictures showing a waterspout near the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau emerged on social media. It had everyone talking excitedly about the “tornado” that was about to hit the capital, but being ever sceptical I dismissed it as nothing (maybe it wasn’t even a current photo), until my friend confirmed that it had actually been on the news. Anyway, the waterspout dissipated and everything quickly returned to normal. It was not to be that way for too long…

IMG-20160615-WA0019[1]  IMG-20160615-WA0018[1]


The news emerged a few hours ago that an actual tornado touched down in Freeport, on the island of Gran Bahama. Of course residents were left shaken (understandably so) although there has been no widespread damage reported.



Tornadoes are not typical in the Bahamas but due to the country’s close proximity to Florida, they do occur from time to time. On the whole though, there is nothing but gorgeous weather- beautiful sunshine and clear skies here in the 242…See you on your next vaycay 🙂



5 responses to “Tornado in the Bahamas!

  1. They occur once in awhile in Jamaica as well. I think the last one was in St. Elizabeth
    Florida is having heavy rains, with flooding in some areas.

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