We Run Tings, Tings Nuh Run We

Jamaicans like to say “We likkle but we talawah” which is basically a testament that although we are from a small country we make an unforgettable impact on the world. From our unique music, to our religion and our language…

We experienced another interesting flash in the spotlight recently when a commentator on MSNBC’s A.M. Joy used the Jamaican phrase “We run tings, tings nuh run we” in reference to the Obamacare/ Trumpcare debate. The phrase which means “We control situations, we don’t allow them to control us”,  was a refreshing interjection, used at the right moment to comment on an otherwise tense issue.


I’ve included a clip of A.M. Joy (recorded by phone) that a friend in the US made, as well as two versions of songs based on this Jamaican affirmation. I hope you enjoy, and the next time you come across a challenging situation just tell yourself “Me run tings, tings nuh run me!” PuraVida 🙂

My Favorite version, by Flourgon


Red Dragon’s version featured in the 1999 Jamaican made film Third World Cop.


I’m Back!

A few months ago, I completed my studies in translation & interpreting, and having emerged on the other side of one of the most challenging experiences of my life, I can finally give some TLC to this blog of mine. My final year was the most gruelling portion of the journey, which meant I had to divert attention from my beloved blog, to a gang of jealous, demanding assignments and exams which refused to be appeased no matter how much time I devoted to them.



Now, I cannot help but feel tingly all over when I reflect on how  fortunate I am to have been able to pursue this love of mine, because the naked truth is, I was lovestruck from my very first Spanish lesson. Later on, when I encountered Translation in college, it became clear to me that we would be together “till death do us part”. With that said, my chosen path in life was not surprising.

Thankfully I came out of my relationship with UTRGV (muah!) with my sanity intact (I think!) Which means that I can now get back to my other love which is writing. What can I say? The love triangle is now complete. Here’s to bringing you some awesome posts in the near future!



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Don’t let a Jamaican call you…



Butu, gyal clown, mowly, pretty-dunce– these are just a few of the (sometimes hilarious) terms that Jamaicans use to describe people unfavourably, and if any of them is directed at you, it means you might have gotten on our wrong side. Don’t know where that is? Let’s just say it’s somewhere you don’t want to be 🙂

Jamaica’s official language is English; however if you touch down in Jamrock on any given day you will hear most people talking in Patois, our colourful dialect that has an English base but a strong African influence. It’s a mix that has produced a very unique language that people of other countries love to imitate; and you know what? We don’t mind at all; we actually love to hear someone with a different accent talking in Patois. Continue reading